EMCS Fall 2012 welcomes local filmmaker Derek Owen

September 13, 2012

Documentary FilmWe have some exciting news! Local filmmaker Derek Owen will be on site at the fall Edmonton Music Collectors Show on September 30 as part of his new project, a short documentary on vinyl collectors and the popularity of vinyl.

Derek will be conducting interviews before, during, and after the show with both vendors and attendees about their love of vinyl and vinyl collecting in general, how they got into it, and what they like about it. This is a great opportunity for anyone involved in our show and anyone who loves to collect vinyl to let the world know about our city’s passion for and commitment to the music collecting community.

We’re excited to participate in this project, and we look forward to seeing Derek’s film!

  • Derek Owen

    awesome George, thanks for the plug!!! see everyone there!!! ps make sure to look for the guy with the camera if you’ve got something to say!! 😉

  • Camjewell

    Good on you Derek! A lot of fun coming up, no doubt.