Postmedia News: “What goes around, comes around – vinyl records spinning again”

May 24, 2012

Misty Harris with Postmedia News interviewed Kasia Gawlak as part of a national piece on the resurgence of vinyl. Here are some highlights:

Photo - Postmedia News, 2012.Jack White suggests vinyl affords a more “reverential” experience than digital because listeners are less apt to fast-forward, skip, and click their way through an album. LPs, by contrast, are described by the noted musician as having “an inherent romance.”

Kasia Gawlak credits that visceral response — and the capacity for records to psychically link her to music’s history — for getting her heart pumping faster. Alongside her father, whose album collection tops 10,000, she helps organize the annual Edmonton Music Collectors Show as a way of sharing her passion with others.

“We see people over 60 who are re-experiencing their youth, and we also see teenagers who’ve gotten into this,” says Gawlak, 34. “It really spans the generations.”

But bewitched as she is by black magic, Gawlak keeps one foot firmly planted in the digital universe.

“It’s nice when artists (provide mp3s) with their releases because it allows you not only to collect the record but also to have access to the album at any time,” says Gawlak. “People of my generation want to be able to put all their music onto their smartphone.”